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I felt that the online platform helped people feel more comfortable and be more open and honest.

I think this is an amazing program for most people that have ongoing therapy. The medium is so much more comfortable than being in an office.

I was skeptical, but it’s great! I have a routine of being in the same place every session which seems helpful. But it’s as good as in person therapy.

The experience has been better than in-person counseling for me, and I recommend it highly.

Before I found Lionrock, I thought I had to tough sobriety out alone…but through Lionrock, I am able to have the privacy I need to discuss & share my troubles with anonymity.

I think it’s a life changing program. I think you have figured out that there are people out here that still do not know how to get the help they need or just don’t know how to ask for it. Those people who need help but can’t commit to taking time off work, for whatever reason, or who are not comfortable enough yet with the AA program, because to actually step into a meeting is scary.